TapTweetPlus: share your listening music on Twitter

taptweetplus - TapTweetPlus : partager sa musique à l

TapTweetPlus is a new tweak available on Cydia that will allow you to easily share on the Twitter social network the music you listen to in order to share it with all your followers.

Once the tweak is installed, do a respring and when you press “Tap to tweet”From your notification center, you will then see a new button in the form of a musical note. A single tap generates a tweet with the song title and hashtag #NowPlaying.

taptweetplus - TapTweetPlus: share your listening music on Twitter

You can also choose a gesture to perform via the tweak Activator if you are using iOS 5 and therefore you cannot therefore tweet from the lockscreen.

TapTweetPlus is available free from the source of BigBoss and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x.