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Taptop: a concept of Mac Mini with Touch Bar


Posted: December 27 2017
Updated: December 27, 2017

by benjamin

According to recent rumors, Apple is preparing an update for the Mac mini for next year. As usual, the manufacturer has made no comments on the subject. In the meantime, a designer has imagined in a recent concept what this new computer could look like.

Louis Berger specializes in industrial design. In his latest concept, he offers a Mac Mini with Touch Bar. As a reminder, it was introduced on the MacBook Pro of 2016 and is presented as an OLED touch bar located in place of the function keys on the keyboard of the Apple laptop.

The Taptop is the name of this Mac Mini with Touch Bar. Of course, the integration of the touch bar requires an overhaul of the design of Apple’s small computer. The device then rests on an elongated central unit equipped with an OLED touch bar.

As on last year’s MacBook Pro, the bar displays application icons to facilitate the use of the terminal. It would then be possible for the user to launch an application by simply pressing its icon on the central unit. Intel recently announced a fairly compact new CPU / GPU package, production of which would begin in 2018. The component would be perfectly suited to the Taptop.