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Talk: pro-Trump social network files complaint against Amazon that no longer wants to host it

The Parler application filed a complaint against Amazon after the latter terminated its hosting. The story goes back to the attack on Capitol Hill, organized largely on the social network by American conservatives. In response, the Play Store and the App banned it, before Amazon in turn decided to take punitive measures.

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Since this morning, Talking is no longer accessible. Amazon Web Services, which hosts the social network, has decided to take the site offline which allowed many supporters of Donald Trump to exchange messages upstream of the attack on the Capitol. This decision follows that of Google and Apple to ban the application from their respective store.

John Matze, CEO of Parler, tried to defend himself by specifying that the social network “Explicitly prohibits any message inciting or threatening violence, or any other activity that violates the law”. In vain. In his complaint, John Matze writes that Amazon’s decision “Is like disconnecting a patient on respiratory assistance. This will kill the business, just as it was soaring“.

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Amazon signs the end of Talking

The boss believes that this is a political decision, aimed among other things at rreduce competition vis-à-vis Twitter. He is therefore asking the courts for a temporary order against Amazon in order to reopen its servers. The web giant, however, did not delete the data from the social network. These are therefore always accessible and can in theory be moved to another host. But, at this point, nobody wants to host Talking.

The application experienced a growing success since the ban of Donald Trump from the main social networks. The story between them and the president has always been stormy to say the least. Twitter had notably reported a tweet that threatened to shoot rioters during protests following the death of George Floyd. On Saturday, Parler was the most downloaded app on the Apple Store in the United States. It seems that this ascent is coming to an end.

Source: UPI