TacoSystems APR gets a makeover

TacoSystems APR gets a makeover

The Waterloot store has been completely revised to meet the V2 standard required by Apple. on the occasion of the inauguration of its new facilities, it offers a 5% reduction to Internet users Belgium-iPhone, the purchase of an iMac computer, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, until Saturday, March 24.

As soon as a reseller of the Apple brand products wishes to keep its “Apple Premium Reseller” certification, the latter has no choice but to comply with Apple's requirements. This is particularly the case for the TacoSystems waterloot store, which has recently chosen to transform its store to be able to better accommodate its customers. “Our shop has passed the V2 standard since last Saturday”says Emanuel Rodriguez, boss of TacoSystems. “The work lasted two weeks and customers can now benefit from a new layout of the store which is even more user-friendly”, he continues.

In fact, this “V2” standard requires transformations, new furniture and the integration, in particular, of a new “after-sales service” space, somewhat reminiscent of the “Genius Bar” spaces in Apple Store stores. “The goal is to be able to give the impression to our customers that they now benefit from more space to discover and test the products”, specifies Mr. Rodriguez.

Apple covers part of the costs of the site.

Switching to V2 is therefore essential to maintain the famous "APR" status. A requirement claimed by Apple which generates significant costs for the owner of such a franchise, such as TacoSystems, but some of these are paid directly by the Cupertino company. “The costs to pass the V2 standard are significant (no details on the exact amount, editor's note) but fortunately, Apple supports half of these. What makes slate less dirty ", concludes Rodriguez.

Note that the TacoSystems store offers a 5% discount to Internet users of Belgium-iPhone, the purchase of an iMac computer, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, until Saturday March 24.

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