Tablet components market: Apple is still number 1

Tablet components market: Apple is still number 1

ipad classic iconThe Californian firm realizes once again, a magnificent performance in the second quarter of this year, this study does not concern sales of tablets as we can see very often, but the processor market for tablets. According to the study conducted by Strategy Analytics, the most successful processor is … Apple's!

The success of Apple's processor confirms the success of the iPad

The competition is however and often very powerful in other markets, but obviously not on the shelf. We find, for example, the gloves of the sector Qualcomm and Intel who both can not do better than Apple!
According to the analyst firm, the Californian firm holds a market share of 42% on Q2 2019.

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Regarding other market shares, it's not famous! We find Intel that totals 19%, Qualcomm 17% and the category "Other"who holds 22%.

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What is surprising in the story is that Qualcomm and Intel are the processors omniprsents in the components of the other tablets … Logically, adding the two percentage estimates of Strategy Analytics would have exceeded the 42% of Apple! That is to say impressive dominance of the California firm in the tablet processor market.