T-Mobile's MLB.TV Free Year Delayed Until Start of Season (Update) - GKZ Hitech

T-Mobile's MLB.TV Free Year Delayed Until Start of Season (Update) – GKZ Hitech

The summer boys are moving quickly and for us spectators, this means grabbing our season passes or throwing a few coins towards the piggy bank for nosebleeds … and the plane. But for people who don't want cable, but still want to watch a bunch of games, you may want to log in soon T-Mobile – it offers its subscribers a free subscription all season MLB.tv from March 24.

The carrier is the second in a four-year contract with the league to provide this benefit as part of its T-Mobile Tuesday program, where the company transmits reduced or free products to customers. We learned of the date of this year's offer in a tweet from T-Mobile's help account.

MLB.tv provides live access to and demand for all games (live games are subject to breakdowns) through spring, regular and post-season training, as well as the All-Star Game at home and abroad. outside. Users can also listen to radio missions (no power outages), browse interactive scorecards, etc. This rates the typical fanatic $ 122 this year for an annual pass, but again, it's free if you sign up through the T-Mobile Tuesday app or online.

If you are not a T-Mobile subscriber, you will need to be one before you can take advantage of this offer from March 24 – you will likely have a week to use a free pass, but we will update this story with details additional.

Delayed offer

The free offer was supposed to be available today, but since the MLB season was delayed, the gift has taken off. According to TMoNews, T-Mobile will resurface the offer after the MLB season returns.