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SZ DJI tends to deactivate its drones in sensitive areas

The legislation which must allow the use of commercial drones is still being prepared, but various incidents have reminded the authorities of the multiplicity of possible uses of flying machines and the possible associated dangers.

Last week, several incidents punctuated the news. There was a drone crash on the very site of the White House. If it was only a piloting error and a recreational vehicle, the presence of the drone in the very enclosure of a place as sensitive as the White House, and even if the President of the United States United was traveling abroad, created a certain disturbance.

Dji phantom vision The crash at the same time of a drone conveying drugs on the border with Mexico also raises the question of the uses and dangers of this new technology. These two news items are in a way a boon for those who oppose the deployment of drones.

And on the contrary, it can lead the actors to take voluntary measures, if only to avoid having to undergo them under duress.

The Chinese drone manufacturer SZ DJI, the world leader in professional drones, has announced that it will modify the firmware of its products to prevent them from flying over certain defined geographical areas.

The company spokesperson explained that "we want to make sure that people are innovative and creative with technology, but at the same time we want to make sure they use it responsibly".

DJI Washington Drone It must be said that the two cases cited above involved DJI drones and that the Chinese manufacturer cannot take the risk of seeing its activity slowed down in the United States at a time when the sector is booming.

DJI is already blocking the use of its drones in certain areas such as airports , at the request of the FAA ((Federal Aviation Administration) and flying machines do not take off unless they receive GPS signals. The manufacturer's proposal must notably create a sensitive area around the White House, preventing overflight by the brand's drones, and it plans to do the same for the border between the United States and Mexico.

If this can avoid involuntary overflights or lack of piloting control, it should not be too complicated for motivated people to bypass this measure.