Switch: Nintendo attacks charity because of Joy-Con cases

Nintendo suffers a hail of criticism after sending a formal notice to a creator Cptn Alex who is organizing an anti-suicide charity. Cptn Alex created Joy Con cases in honor of famous streamer Desmond Etika Amofah who called his fans the Joy Con Boyz and who took his own life on June 19, 2019.

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If you follow English speaking Youtube channels, you probably know Etika, a true legend in the Nintendo gaming community. This celebrity with more than 1.3 million subscribers and more than 145 million views, has become known for his completely crazy reactions to Nintendo Direct. He notably took for used to call his fans the Joy Con Boyz.

Several months before her disappearance, Etika showed signs of psychological destabilization, repeatedly threatening to kill herself. On June 19, 2019, he published a last video in which he admits to being suicidal. Days later, his lifeless body is discovered by NYPD in the East River. Police believe he jumped off the Manhattan Bridge.

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Nintendo gives notice to a creator of Joy Con who donates all his funds to an association fighting against suicide

A few weeks after this tragic story one of his fans, Cptn Alex, decided to pay him homage in the most beautiful way possible. He designed a cover for Joy Con which he called Etikon. And launched a campaign on Indiegogo to finance its manufacture. From the outset he specifies that he has only one intention: to raise funds for a charity. He ended up choosing JED, a foundation that fights suicide among young adults.

According to Cptn Alex, this Indiegogo page had generated over $ 10,000 in donations at the end of 2019. However this Sunday, Cptn Alex confirmed to JoyConBoyz, a Youtube channel created in tribute to Etika, to have received a formal notice from Nintendo in September, to immediately stop its operation. The letter of formal notice threatens:

“To avoid any further legal action, Nintendo requests that you immediately cease all production, marketing, sale, and distribution of the Offending Products and all use of Nintendo trademarks in connection with such products”.

Apparently what Nintendo reproaches the creator is the JoyCon Boyz logo which incorporates the Joy Con brand as well as a logo close to the Nintendo Switch logo. Cptn Alex explains on Twitter that 500 cases were produced last year, of which around 300 were to be sent to the “backers” of his campaign. As for the other 200, they were for his Etsy page.

He adds that he holds an appropriate license for the sale of these hulls and “pays his taxes”. Considering the situation, Cptn Alex does not intend to let it go. He explains modifying most of his designs to remove problematic elements. We should know more soon. In the meantime, all this gives a still a little harsh picture of Nintendo, don’t you think?

Nintendo generally likes to keep full control of its brands. This is how the group has built its image (rather positive in the long term). Recently, for example, the group has attacked modders of Nintendo Switch consoles. And secured the FBI arrest of members of Team Xecuter.

Source: Dualshockers