La Poste Mobile

Swiss Post is really popular in mobile telephony

Like every month, the LeBonForfait portal gives us its ranking of mobile operators, which is based on the search volumes for each of them.

Operator rating January 2015 These are data for January 2015, despite the incorrect legend (LeBonForfait credit; click to enlarge)

Of the 35,000 searches carried out in January 2015, more than 20% which concerned La Mobile Post, about 15% which were focused on free mobile and 10% which were related to Virgin Mobile. The rest of the visits are shared between around twenty operators, including the trio Bouygues Télécom, Orange and SFR.

To attract attention, La Poste Mobile and Virgin Mobile used promotions regarding their 4G offers. The first one has also put the package aside advertising these days. For its part, Free Mobile has been talked about regarding its territory coverage, but also about roaming for Belgium now included in its offer at 19.99 euros (or 15.99 euros for Free subscribers). With the promise of announcements and rumors around a Freephone, there is no doubt that the French telecom troublemaker will continue to be in the spotlight for the next few months.