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Swift Streamz (APK) 1.1

Swift Streamz is ultimately a very good alternative to Mobdro. The television channels are classified by country and thus make it easy to navigate in all video streams. Being able to choose your video player is also a very interesting feature.

Swift Streamz is an Android application that lets you watch live TV channels. Thanks to a large catalog with channels from many countries, you can watch programs from around the world in just a few clicks, all for free.

How to install Swift Streamz?

The app is not available on the Google Play Store. It is therefore imperative to go through the developers website to download the APK file. Once it is on your Android device, just open it with your file manager and you will be offered to install.

What is Swift Streamz worth to watch TV channels on Android?

The application is very simple. Once installed and launched, we discover a rather very classic and even almost childish design. It is obvious that there is nothing exceptional about it but we can still find it easily.

All the streams of television channels are classified by country. You must therefore first select your country (France, India, England, …) and then the full list of channels that you can view is displayed.

Choose your video player

Once you have decided on the channel you want to view, you have to select it. You may be surprised by the window that appears and asks you which player you want to use. This is a big positive point: the user has the choice on his video player. You can also select a default or choose the one you want to use each time.

During our tests, the majority of the flows worked properly. The user experience was exemplary and the simplicity of use makes the application very good. If you are also used to watching the same channels, you can bookmark them. They will then remain easily accessible in a tab.

There is also a “Movies” tab in the main menu. However, you will not find any program in French. Swift Streamz only offers a few Pakistani and Indian films.

The team listens for the addition of new streams

Another thing, you can easily request from the application to add a chain. The team will then deal with your request and optionally add or not the stream of the channel of your choice. You can also report a chain that no longer works from an option dedicated to this.

You would have understood it, Swift Streamz is an excellent application that offers a large number of video streams. The catalog is complete and many channels are available in many languages. If the interface is a bit childish, it will allow everyone to navigate easily. The application is therefore a must today.