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Swift 3.0: new indiscretions and possible release date

Apple Swift 3 - Swift 3.0 : nouvelles indiscrétions et possible date de sortie

Apple Swift 3 - Swift 3.0 : nouvelles indiscrétions et possible date de sortie


Posted: May 12, 2016
Updated: May 12, 2016

by Calvin

The developers of the Apple ecosystem will be delighted to learn the giant steps that the firm is making at Apple about the development of the next major update of Swift, its in-house programming language. New technical details and a likely release date version 3.0 have indeed appeared.

Packed with developments, all welcome, Swift 3.0 will greatly facilitate the work of developers, who are also invited to inquire via this link of all the new technical details. It is indeed, the site dedicated to the programming language of Apple, which is the source of the information below. The main development, if it can be so called, is undoubtedly the no backward compatibility with the source code of the applications developed under Swift 2.2. Apple considers the internal changes to its programming language in version 3.0 to be far too significant, and therefore prevents support for the code edited with its previous iteration.

Apple Swift 3 - Swift 3.0: new indiscretions and possible release dateAnother highlight of this Swift update, its source code can be properly used with Xcode, at least in a future update of the latter, in order to make the tasks of designing applications and games on the brand’s mobile devices and computers less burdensome. It is even possible to glimpse an attempt to unify in one and the same code of its programming languages, perhaps with a view to creating universal applications working without changing any of the code either on smartphone, tablet or on Mac. As a reminder, Microsoft is already doing this with its new Windows 10 ecosystem.

Finally, if no official release date is mentioned for Swift 3.0, we are talking about a Developer Preview similar to that of iOS, spread over each other around a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks, with at the end, a GM version (Golden Master) synonymous with final deployment. Note that each beta version will bring its share of new features.