suspended prison sentence and 154,000 euros in damages to pay

suspended prison sentence and 154,000 euros in damages to pay

Wawa-Torrent was a torrent link site as there are hundreds in France, and yet the latter had drawn the wrath of the ALPA (Association for the fight against audiovisual piracy) which would have noted the census of the '' access to 7000 works protected by copyright.

After an investigation, the two site administrators were arrested in October 2012, and it was last Wednesday that they became aware of the sanctions against them after a trial opened in March before the Besançon criminal court.

Wawa torrent

On the sidelines of blatant piracy then arose the question of the commercial aspect of the site which would have reported 23,500 euros to administrators, according to Est Républicain. The platform then offered a paying "VIP" status to users which allowed them to unlock their ratio and download to the tracker without having to worry about sharing data with other members of the P2P service.

The rights holders estimated that at least 1.8 million protected works had been downloaded from the platform between August 1, 2009 and October 31, 2012, so there was talk of a request for 300,000 euros in respect of damages and interests.

The Besançon Criminal Court finally decided on the sum of 154,000 euros intended for the beneficiaries (divided equally between the two defendants) as well as a three-month suspended prison sentence for each of the two men, no fine was imposed .