Survey: What do you think is the best operator in France?

Survey: What do you think is the best operator in France?

Difficult to choose an offer among all the operators of the market. Everyone has had their own experiences and would tend to favor one operator over another. So what are you talking about, dear readers: which operator would you recommend?

The war between the French operators is tough. Since Free has broken prices, they are constantly looking for the best deal to offer. The battle is on several grounds: some offer offers in store (and on their websites), others exist only virtually and therefore offer their offers on the web. These are sometimes considered (wrong?) Less serious because they do not offer physical contact but rest assured, they remain reachable by phone and email.

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Which one is your favorite? Huffington Post

The most famous operators are obviously Orange, Bouygues and SFR (which is now a brand of Numricable). The most popular online offers belong to the same companies, respectively Sosh, B & YOU and Red. There are many others on the market, you will find them below in the survey.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out what you think is the best operator. It's not just about the offer catalog, it's about the quality of the service. Is the network well deployed? Is your smartphone insured according to your preferences? Have we always answered your questions?

It's your turn to speak. Do not hesitate to justify your choice in the comments!

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