Surprise, there are AirPods in Parisian Apple Stores

Surprise, there are AirPods in Parisian Apple Stores

airpods apple iphone ipadThe availability of the AirPods is as mysterious as the science fiction series of HBO Westworld.

Announced in September by the brand to the apple, contradictory rumors have chained the following months on these headphones, leaving imagine an exit finally postponed to 2017.

Apple's wireless earphones eventually tipped their ear buds just in time for Christmas, but availability was particularly limited.

Obviously, at this moment, several Apple Store of Ile-de-France have AirPods in their shelves. They are found in St-Germain, Rosny 2, Vélizy 2, Carré-Sénart and Val d'Europe, while the other Parisian shops should not restocked before 9 February.

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We have also searched for availability in major cities in France, but no other shop seems to have AirPods currently.