Surface Pro: top tips for optimizing your tablet

Surface Pro: top tips for optimizing your tablet

A powerful device, but one that can still be improved

Image 1: Surface Pro: top tips for optimizing your tablet

Surface Pro is a hybrid product, halfway between Tablet and thelaptop. It is also the first “Windows PC” that Microsoft markets in its own name. With a powerful processor (Core i5 at 1.70 GHz), from 4 GB memory and a disc 64 or 128 GB SSD for storage, the small machine mostly comes with an operating system that you certainly know: Windows 8.

If previous editions of the operating system were mainly intended for desktops or conventional laptops, Windows 8 turns more to the side tablets and touch machines. The Surface Pro tablet is therefore the perfect representative of the evolution of the OS… It accommodates it so well that one can easily imagine that Windows 8 was more or less developed for the tablet. But despite serious advantages, the Surface Pro / Windows 8 “couple” sometimes experiences some shortcomings. It is therefore advisable to optimize the whole, using some tips presented here. Rest assured: it will cost you nothing, all these manipulations are purely software, you will not acquire additional materials or visit the bowels of the tablet (which is not advised, anyway).

Save space on the tablet, speed up loading times, delete unnecessary data and applications… So here are a series of tips for profit 200% of your Surface Pro tablet. And if you want to follow the news on the tablet, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to the Microsoft Surface.