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Surface Buds, AirPods made in Microsoft

The AirPods are definitely references in the tech world. Difficult not to want it: certainly expensive (180 € for the first version, 229 € for AirPods 2), the apple brand wireless headphones are so effective that it is impossible not to be blown away by their qualities! Good sound, adaptability and transportability at the top, optimal case that recharges them quickly … Yes, we made a little fun of their style when they came out, because they could be similar to cotton swabs … But it is clear that their quality has silences their detractors.

Concept Surface Earbuds - Surface Buds, AirPods made in Microsoft

They are so popular that competing manufacturers also want their own AirPods. After Samsung and its Galaxy Buds, this is Microsoft entering the dance with an upcoming announcement of Surface Buds. Responding to code name Morrison according to Thurott, the wireless headphones from the Redmond brand should carry the Cortana voice assistant, but also a noise cancellation and a means to improve the interactions between his phone and the headphones to facilitate text reading. No date or price has filtered yet.

Already last year, Microsoft launched its Surface Headphones wireless headset, officially sold at € 379.99. To see what price these Surface Buds will benefit!