Surf the web faster

Surf the web faster

Improve your connection speed

Image 1: Surf the web fasterThere are different, more or less subtle, ways to optimize the speed of an Internet connection. One of them is to change the ” MTU ” Behind this barbarous acronym hides the “maximum transmission of IP packets”, an important aspect that we will explain as simply as possible. First of all, it is important to know what a “ IP packet ” When connected to the Internet, the remote web server sends a large amount of information to your PC, which takes the form of “micro files”. Conversely, your machine regularly sends a lot of information to the Web, always in the form of data files, transmitted invisibly. These are all these exchanges of information that we call “IP packets”.

Change the MTU value of your network card

Now back to the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit in English). This parameter defines the maximum size of an IP packet (in bytes) that can be transmitted at one time. Imagine a large file, transmitted in several tens of IP packets, for example one hundred. The higher the number of packets, the longer the transmission. Conversely, too few packages may make each shipment too large and clog the “connection pipes”. In short, the size of the MTU must be optimal, neither too small nor too large. In order to best adjust the MTU parameter, the use of software such as TCP Optimizer can be judicious. This software automatically analyzes the quality of your Internet connection and tells you the ideal MTU value. The connection speed is thus perfectly optimized.

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