Superbook turns your smartphone into a laptop

Superbook turns your smartphone into a laptop

Image 1: The Superbook turns your smartphone into a laptop

In appearance, the Superbook is a classic 11.6 ″ laptop. But the device is actually much more than that: connect it to any Android smartphone, and it allows instantly turn your phone into a laptop.

The Superbook is a portable PC which has a screen, a keyboard and a trackpad. But it is not autonomous: it must be connected to a smartphone so that it starts up. The device, which connects with a simple USB cable, makes your Android smartphone a real little laptop. An application is also delivered, which allows you to adjust the environment of your operating system: thanks to it, you have a office, of a taskbar, oficons on the desktop, etc. Coupled with smartphone under 200 euros, here is what to take advantage of a very cheap laptop.

Image 2: The Superbook turns your smartphone into a laptop

This type of transformation had already been attempted by the Motorola Atrix a few years ago. But it only worked with one model of smartphone, while the Superbook is compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 or higher. Only criticism: only a QWERTY version is planned. The French speakers that we are, used to AZERTY keyboard, must therefore accommodate this kind of device. The Superbook costs only 99 dollars, to which must be added 35 dollars for shipping costs in France. The campaign launched just 4 days ago Kickstarter has already largely fulfilled its office. Its designers only needed $ 50,000 to finalize the project: they have already raised more than 720,000, and there are still 26 days to go before the end of the campaign.