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superb Los Santos video timelapse

superb Los Santos video timelapse

GTA 5 PC - 1

Technically speaking, GTA V on PC is impressive with all the graphics details pushed to the maximum. In order to fully appreciate the evolution of environments according to the time of day, here is a rather captivating timelapse.

Rockstar's real success, GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) has been available for a few days on PC. This version, long awaited by players, offers a much more detailed graphic realization on the PS4 / Xbox One version, thus ensuring the spectacle for owners of quick configurations.

GTA 5 PC - 13 "height =" 124 "width =" 220In order to contemplate the rendering in the best conditions, here is a timelapse which focuses on several points of view of the city of Los Santos on PC.

The passing of time is teeming with details, in terms of brightness but also in terms of traffic or clouds. The transitions between day and night thus become particularly captivating.