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Super Mario Run

00C8000008596366-photo-super-mario-run.jpg Nintendo had announced it for a long time, Super Mario is back and this time it is on a smartphone that it arrives. Super Mario Run for Android is finally available for free on the Google Play store.

What is Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run is a runner, a game in which the character automatically runs, here from right to left.

In order to avoid obstacles and other obstacles posed in his path the player will have to blow up Mario at the right time and, above all, in the right way. Mario has indeed, in this game, several jump modes depending on when they are performed.

The universe of Super Mario?

As expected, Super Mario Run intends as much to touch the nostalgic of the franchise, with environments and level design proven, as new players, with completely new gameplay for the franchise.

Side scenario, it is once again the Pitch princess which it is necessary to help. To do so, the player will have to cross 24 levels with emblematic styles: plains, undergrounds, haunted manor, flying fortress or castles.

What price for Super Mario Run?

You can install the game for free and explore the first level.. The suite is offered at a price of 9.99 € (all the same), will allow in addition to a story and “classic” mode to face friends and player from around the world.