Suicide is prohibited at Foxconn

Suicide is prohibited at Foxconn

Would the Foxconn company, which sowed controversy last year for its numerous waves of suicide among its staff, now seek to protect itself from all new attempts of this kind? This is what you might think when we are learning, via the Daily Mail, that the subsidiary of the Hon Hai group recently added a clause in the contract of employment intended for its future workers and it implies this:

In the case of non-accidental injuries (including suicide, self-mutilation, etc.), I acknowledge that the company is acting in accordance with laws and regulations and will not prosecute the company nor make excessive demands or undertake drastic actions that could damage the reputation of the business or cause disturbance that could affect normal operation

Not so sure that this unconventional method could be appreciated by the million workers who work for this company in conditions often considered difficult and for a very low salary.

As a reminder, Foxconn assembles the components of Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and certain computers from the Cupertino company, but also works for other brands such as HP, Dell, etc.

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