If it remains very easy to use, the application SugarSync offers options that its competitors’ mobile apps do not even sketch out. Pleasant to use and efficient, the application could cause users of other services to migrate to that of the hummingbird firm; an application to test without hesitation!

SugarSync is a leader in the cloud storage service. In addition to its offers for individuals, it offers its services to companies that want to offer themselves a simple and effective collaborative tool; the application SugarSync is, in fact, targeting these two targets at the same time.

Simple and sober but effective, the app SugarSync is mainly organized around a pane (accessible on the left) giving access to all the sections that the user will browse in the main “browser”: content (all folders synchronized by the user), photos, shortcuts, synchronized, shares, activities and preferences.

This application differs mainly from that of its competitors by the following points:

  • the files which can be consulted online can be synchronized on the smartphone in order to be downloaded and accessible offline
  • the photo access, which groups all the photos available on the storage, offers a more suitable viewing with larger thumbnails
  • the “shortcut” option allows you to quickly access the “hot” files of your choice, smart.