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"Street View" back on iOS as early as Thursday!

"Street View" back on iOS as early as Thursday!

According to Walt Mossberg of Wall street journal, Google is about make its Street View functionality accessible to iOS device users as of this Thursday. The journalist said he was able to preview the functionality and said he was "impressed".


Information from New york times who pretended last week that the “Street View” functionality was about to return to iOS “within two weeks” is confirmed today. Indeed, Walt Mossberg, the famous journalist “tech” ‘of Wall street journal, said this Wednesday that it was able to preview the “Street View” functionality on iOS. According to him, Google is about to make it available again this Thursday.

This functionality which was very appreciated by the users of iPhone, iPad or iPad touch is therefore about to return to iOS but not in the form of an application. No, before users can access it again, they will need to go through the Safari or Chrome app for iOS. Street View functionality will therefore work as a web application. And if you believe Mossberg, the web application would give good results despite everything. Better still, the journalist said he was impressed by his fluidity.

In practice, using the “Street View” functionality on this new web application will work in the same way as on the old Maps application. know that the user will have to use his finger to navigate the streets where the service is accessible.

It remains to be seen whether Google would not have in its plans to make the “Street View” functionality accessible directly from an application. Which could be more practical.

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