Apple would have started working on the HomePod ... in 2012

Strangely, Siri would be stupid on the HomePods

siri 2016 iconSiri can render many services, but the digital assistant of Apple is often blamed for its lack of intelligence on simple questions compared to its competitors.

Obviously, the mark the apple is not thrown by these critics since the company has flatly decided to make Siri even better on its connected speakers.

Siri is less intelligent on homepods

According to the first testimonials published online, some features available on iPad or iPhone with Siri, are simply absent on the speaker (more or less) intelligent.

As CultofMac explains for example, Siri on HomePod will not be able to answer all the classic questions. The assistant can for example answer "how much is ten dollars worth in euros?"while unable to answer"How big is Antoine Griezmann?".

Siri with HomePod will not be able to access the calendar, add a new appointment or make a phone call, since you will have to type the number on your iPhone.

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