Orange wants to kill too low ADSL offers from its competitors

Stphane Richard wants to see 4G mrir before switching to 5G

On the show MWC 2015 of Barcelona, ​​5G is already in everyone's mind and the cursor is placed in 2020. Many groups are already starting to communicate actively on the subject while recalling that the framework of the 5G remains to be defined, what will be done during the next two years.

Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, gave his vision of the transformations to be expected from the next generation of wireless networks … starting by recalling that 4G developments still have much to contribute and citing Isaac Asimov on the need to take into account a global dimension of the issue.

Orange-logo Faced with the speeches already making 5G almost a reality in 2020, Stéphane Richard tempers and evokes a probable launch on 2020 to 2022, pending the further optimization of 4G mobile networks and the extension of technologies to new segments.

Faced with the 50 billion connected objects to come, mobile networks will be faced with a change of scale which indeed needs to be well prepared. In addition to increasing data rates, 5G will drastically reduce latency on networks, going from a few tens of milliseconds in 4G to a few milliseconds in 5G, a time short enough to imagine new uses that are still impossible today.

The expectations also relate to a quality user experience and mobile access that remains functional, even in high-speed trains and planes.

Orange 5G Orange 5G 02

5G will in particular connect the 2 billion people who are not yet there and allow the development of mobile networks with great flexibility. The Internet of Things and sensors must also be at the heart of this new shift.

Finally, noted Stéphane Richard, 5G will be based on several technologies that already exist today but which will have to move to a level of advanced optimization to achieve one of the main objectives: to include the reduction of energy consumption and respect for the environment at all levels of infrastructure, SON networks ((Self Organizing Networks), the combination of mobile networks and WiFi and the adaptation of data center energy consumption according to the load.

However, the Orange group is already working on 5G and is a partner in major ongoing projects to define the foundations of next generation networks.