Orange wants to kill too low ADSL offers from its competitors

Stphane Richard wants the same rules of the game between operators and large US groups

Faced with giants of the Web who strongly solicit fixed and mobile networks to fuel their growth but do not participate directly in the heavy investments necessary for their improvement, telecom operators would like to overhaul the operating conditions of a market whose balance would tilt too favorably in favor of large high-tech groups.

Stéphane Orange Richard Stéphane Richard, CEO ofOrange, once again became the spokesperson for these issues during the program RTL / LCI / Le Figaro Grand Jury, warning about the dangers of the current imbalance: "it is absolutely not acceptable that Google makes about […] a billion euros in turnover in France, and does not pay taxes ", he said, referring to this Tax optimization the push that politicians are starting to be indignant about.

The other problem relates to a uneven regulation between the operators and the actors of the Web, that the boss of Orange wishes to see applied uniformly to all, especially on major topics such as the protection of personal data.

This would also lead to a rebalancing of the strict anti-competitive rules of the telecom sector which should also be applied to large groups, especially while Google owns "97% market share in Internet search engines"and is present with Android"on two thirds of the world's smartphones".

Stéphane Richard therefore pleads again for an in-depth overhaul of the European rules of the game and for the end of a anti-trust strategy which sought to avoid the emergence of monopoly telecom operators in Europe but which at the same time "blocked concentrations in the name of the ideology of competition", weakening the European telecom sector faced with the appetites of very large foreign players.

The arrival at the helm of the digital sector of a new European commissioner, Günther Oettinger, is an opportunity to precisely try to succeed.