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Stphane Richard has trouble digesting the auction of 700 MHz frequencies

Orange wants to kill too low ADSL offers from its competitors

According to Orange, the upcoming auction of blocks in the 700 MHz band is too early. For the operator, it is more for the government to recover record sums for the provision of frequencies which will ultimately not be exploited at their fair value for several years.

Antennas-4g "Like the rest of the industry, we say that we do not need it immediately. We will have to be the state bankers again, because we will not be able to use these frequencies for several years." It is only in 2020 that these frequencies will be mainly used, when mobile uses will require more resources.

However, this will not prevent the operator from participating in the auctions organized this end of the year: "Afterwards, we are satisfied that they are devolved to telecoms, because we need these frequencies. The calendar is premature, but we will do with it. We will see who can afford to make a big check."

Orange has never hidden the fact of being comfortable with the frequencies already available, evoking in the past that they were "more than enough for the next ten years."

But this is not the case for all, Free Mobile could thus pull out of the game by getting hold of part of the 700 MHz frequencies and afford these famous "golden frequencies" which will allow it to offer better coverage. with fewer relay antennas.