StopCovid: the former TousAntiCovid cost France 6.5 million euros

StopCovid, the first version of the contact tracing application developed by France, cost up to 6.5 million euros in 5 months of existence. Renamed TousAntiCovid in October, the application was useless in managing the health crisis, tackles a report from deputies Julien Borowczyk (LREM) and Eric Ciotti (LR).

stopcovid cédric o francais understood nothing

After 5 months of existence, and the lack of support from the French population, the government finally realized the obvious: StopCovid is a failure. By Emmanuel Macron’s own admission, the application “did not work”. To correct the situation, the ElysĂ©e has transformed StopCovid into TousAntiCovid. To attract French people, the tracking application has been enriched withan alert and information portal related to the coronavirus. This new recipe ended up paying off. TousAntiCovid quickly reached 10 million downloads.

It is therefore time to take stock of StopCovid, the first version of the application. An information report headed by Eric Ciotti, deputy Les RĂ©publicains, takes stock of the failings and successes of the monitoring application against the Covid-19. It was presented this Wednesday, December 2 during a press conference at the National Assembly.

A useless application that cost France millions

According to the report, StopCovid has not been of much help in managing the outbreak. “From June to September, the app was installed 2.5 million times for 1 million uninstalls and 300,000 reinstalls. 5,553 positive tests were scanned in the application which issued only 346 alerts, of which 296 were actually transmitted ” details the report. Finally, “Sanitary uselessness” of StopCovid is compelling.

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Useless and ill-conceived, StopCovid has yet cost millions of euros to France. “The total estimated cost of Stop-Covid, over its five months of existence (from June 3 to October 22, 2020), is 6.5 million euros including tax” underlines the survey. In detail, the development of the application has already cost 2.5 million euros. For its part, accommodation costs 576,000 euros per year. Finally, the communication campaign to launch the application, a failure given the low level of support from the population, cost 2,793,000 euros.

The report, however, praises the improvements made by TousAntiCovid. “The development of the new“ TousAntiCovid ”application constitutes a very significant improvement in terms of ergonomics and functionalities which results in much higher number of downloads” notes the document. Moreover, the application has already sent 13,106 notifications to people who have been in contact with an individual carrying Covid-19.