Stolen photos from the iPhone 5? (update)

Stolen photos from the iPhone 5? (update)

The photo of an alleged iPhone 5 goes around the web at the start of the evening. According to the author of the photo, who posted the photo on the MacRumors forum, it should be the fifth-generation iPhone.

This photo is said to have been taken in the office of a manager of a French operator who obtained a copy for testing purposes on their network. According to him, the machine would be much more flexible than the current iPhone 4.

On this picture, we see, in fact, that the device seems thinner than the iPhone 4 with a maximum thickness not exceeding 7mm.

Given the quality of the image, we are entitled to ask the question of the bulk of the picture but you never know, the truth must be found somewhere in all the rumors that are circulating today.

Update 10:35 pm: The Gizmodo site has published two new photos of the alleged future machine:

Do you think the fifth generation iPhone would look like this stolen photo?

Update 11:00 p.m .: Gizmodo admits having made this second photomontage inspired by a Chinese copy in order to demonstrate that we must not blindly believe in false rumors that may circulate on the web.

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