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Steve Wozniak is still an Apple employee for $ 50 a week

Steve Wozniak

In an interview with Guy Kawasaki and his podcast, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admitted that as an employee, the company pays him about $ 50 a week.

Steve Wozniak

Woz said he was still an Apple employee, adding that he was the only person receiving wages every week since the company was born. However, the co-founder of Apple says that after removing taxes and savings, this salary is around $ 50 a week.

Technically, this figure could mean anything and everything, as it is also possible that Apple pays millions of dollars by inserting these figures in some sort of savings plan, but in any case Woz says that the amount he receives from 'Apple has little importance :

It's a small sum, but I do it out of loyalty, because what can I do more important in my life? No one will fire me. And I really have strong feelings for Apple.

Woz then laughed at his difference with Steve Jobs. Although he almost never cared about money, Jobs was obsessed with this point and wanted to become important:

Steve wanted to be important and had no money. So he was always looking for small ways to take a new step towards gain. He wanted to be an important person for the world.

Woz later added that Jobs' personality had changed when Apple started taking off. As a result, he no longer liked to make jokes or joke. He just wanted to talk about business: It has become much more difficult and more severe. But Wozniak was not surprised by his obsession with wanting to grow: Steve has always told me about great characters like Shakespeare who changed the world. Since he always talked about these people, he wanted to be one of them and thought he could do it.