"Steve Jobs wanted everything for nothing"

"Steve Jobs wanted everything for nothing"

Bloomberg brought to the surface a letter dating from 1976 in which a printer signified his surprise to receive a letter from the young Steve Jobs who ordered for the manuals of the first Macs at a very low price …

The business took place in 1976. At the time, Steve Jobs had just created the Mac 1 and was about to produce 200. To support them, he needed manuals, which is why he contacted a printer for place an order. The latter, Mike Rose, addresses himself in this letter found by Bloomberg, his colleague, in order to "analyze the demand".

It will emerge from this process a refusal on the part of the editor, who found that "Steve Jobs wanted everything for nothing". In the letter in question, the “Joker” indeed designates the future boss of Apple, cunning and malicious… Some will undoubtedly see in it the beginnings of a future very great businessman, who started with practically nothing between hands.

Source: AppleInsider

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