Steve Jobs' succession getting ready?

Steve Jobs' succession getting ready?

According to the Wall Street Journal, some members of Apple's board of directors are currently busy contemplating the succession of Steve Jobs in the event of an extension of his sick leave. To this effect, recruiters have been approached by Apple and discussions have already taken place with at least one boss of a large company in the high-tech world.

Not wishing to reveal the names of these members of the C.A. of the Cupertino company, including that of the big boss, the same source claims to have surveyed Steve Jobs, in person, who would have qualified this information as rubbish.

As a reminder, Steve Jobs has been on sick leave since January and is replaced by Apple's operational director, Tim Cook.

Steve Jobs, who was five years old, had already taken a sick leave from January June 2009, during which he had undergone a liver transplant.

This Tuesday afternoon, Apple stock (APPL) gained 0.6% to $ 376.15.

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(Source: Reuters via The Wall Street Journal)