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Steve Jobs' resignation: a business strategy?

Steve Jobs' resignation: a business strategy?

Even if there is no doubt that Steve Jobs' "resignation" represents a real thunderbolt, the announcement of the latter was not decided by chance.

If we base ourselves on the strategy of Apple, it is clear that this decision will be analyzed in great detail before being made public.

But why now?

Anyone caring a minimum cupertino firm know the state of health of Steve Jobs and knows that one day he will leave the ship the next day. It goes without saying that an announcementApple the last minute would have been a monumental strategic error.

the current time, Apple has never been stronger in the new technology market than in its stock market listing.

In addition, with a record quarterly profit in a period of crisis, the Apple company is now the most important technology company in the world.

And after a few days, when the news of Steve Jobs' resignation has filled all the pages of newspapers and websites, what will happen?

With the new iPhone more than likely to arrive in a few weeks, most websites will focus on this event, inevitably relegating Steve Jobs' resignation to the background. Thus leaving time Tim cook to prepare the next Keynote and then surf the wave of enthusiasm that will ensue.

And you, do you think this resignation comes at a strategic moment?

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