Steve Jobs' new figure withdraws from sale

Steve Jobs' new figure withdraws from sale

In early January, a company announced the sale of a Steve Jobs articulated figure with a sale price of $ 100. Under pressure from Apple, the sale is now canceled. Some parts were nevertheless poured.

We told you about it early january, the company In Icons announced the sale of a Steve Jobs articulated figurine. The 30 cm figure, rather well made, was delivered with ultra-popular clothes in the eyes of ifans but without the mini-iPhone.

Two weeks after the start of marketing, we learn that In Icons has stopped selling the reduced model of the former businessman. In a press release published on product page, In Icons said it had received an injunction from Apple’s legal department asking them to stop selling the figure, in particular out of respect for the family of the former iconic boss, who died in October.

For its part, In Incons indicates that it has accepted Apple's request to withdraw this sale but claims that it has broken no law and has not used any registered trademark or model belonging to the Cupertino company.

While an indefinite number of figurines were sold during the first days of the sale, In Icons ensures that their deliveries will however take place.

There is no doubt that a good part of these sold copies will find their place on a certain auction site in the coming days.

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