Steve Jobs named "C.E.O of the decade"

Steve Jobs named "C.E.O of the decade"

Steve Jobs just named “C.E.O of the decade” by MarketWatch for his immense success as Apple’s CEO.

Regarded as one of the greatest professional successes, Steve Jobs’s rise was also underlined by the fact that he was able to masterfully restore a company on the brink of bankruptcy. Investors who had “dared” to take $ 1,000 in stocks by the end of 2000 saw their portfolio grow to around $ 43,000 today.

The boss of Apple also stood out for the fact that he was able to save – almost alone – the record industry thanks to his iPod players and the iTunes software (iTunes Store). Some people no longer hesitate to compare great inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, as well as Walt Disney.

“It has revolutionized handheld devices and touchscreen technology with the iPhone” says Russ Britt of MarketWatch. "And it could also enter an IT era (post PC) with its latest product, the iPad", he continues.

There is no question that the Apple business continues to climb up. In 2000, Apple was worth $ 5 billion. In May, the market capitalization of the Cupertino firm exceeded that of Microsoft, making it the second largest American company now estimated at some 291.9 billion dollars.

The Cupertino company still has a long way to go to catch up with the Exxon group, which today is worth no less than 360 billion dollars.

Steve jobs was dispatched by MarketWatch among several big tech rivals such as Amazon's C.E.O Jeff Bezos and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Tim Solso of Cummins were also shortlisted by the Wall Street Journal financial reporting website for the title.

It should be noted that MarketWatch however, presented the title of “C.E.O of the Year” not to Steve Jobs but to Ford boss Alan Mulally.

Finally, this is not the first time that Steve Jobs has benefited from being named "C.E.O of the decade". In 2009, the American magazine Fortune he had already awarded him this title which in particular refers him to a “showman”, a salesperson, a magician and a tyrannical perfectionist.

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