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Steve Jobs: his emails changed with Internet users gathered in an ebook

Steve Jobs: his emails changed with Internet users gathered in an ebook

The boss of Apple, who died on October 5, used to respond directly to certain emails that were sent to him by fans of his products and his detractors. Today, this correspondence is the subject of an ebook.

Steve Jobs used to ignite the web when he replied to an e-mail sent to him by an Internet user via the famous e-mail address Thanks to these many changes – often very brief – it is a real communication tool that has been established over time and where many people, analysts and blogs, had fun scrutinizing and analyzing the smallest crisp details that could get away! Purpose of the operation? Speculate on the new products to come and on the future functionalities possibly being prepared in the Cupertino labs.

Example of an answer given by Steve Jobs to a user

With the help of Mark Milian, an American journalist from the CNN channel, compile all these changes and make them an electronic book. Best of all, Milian warns that he has added some unpublished changs to his collection as well as testimonies from people who may have had this special contact with the former Apple strongman. In addition to the biography recently released, here is another way to discover the many facets of this man who could be as brittle as considerate towards his fans.

Ironically, the e-book titled “Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs is not downloadable from the iTunes Store but rather from its main competitor, Amazon, at the price of $ 4.

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