Steve Jobs' dream was to design the iCar

Steve Jobs' dream was to design the iCar

As we know, Steve Jobs had many projects. The creator of the iPod, iPhone and iPad wanted to launch Apple TVs one day, but also to revolutionize photography. Her ultimate dream would have been to design an iCar, according to Mickey Drexler, a relative of the former Apple founder and a member of the company's board.

Mickey Drexler recently told Fast Company about the dreams of Steve Jobs and in particular the famous iCar. The founder of Apple would indeed have had throughout his career many ideas to revolutionize different technologies, including photography of course, as reported by Walter Isaacson in his biography. But Steve Jobs' ultimate dream would have been to design a car, to design the smallest element of what he called "the iCar". A dream that the founder of Apple would never have been able to realize following his illness but which had been trotting in his head for a long time after Mickey Drexler.

Among the fantasies of the founder of Apple that should come true, the iTV is of course at the forefront of the devices that "should" see the light of day. Although Apple’s television has not been officially confirmed, the company is known to have been working on television for several years. Remain present to see when this old dream will finally come true, and especially if it will also be a success.

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(Source: 9to5mac)