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"Steve Jobs Day" proclaims in California

"Steve Jobs Day" proclaims in California

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared Sunday October 16 as "Steve Jobs Day" in California, in honor of the co-founder of Apple who died on October 5, who "personified the California dream."

In a press release, Jerry Brown estimates that “in his life as in his work, Steve Jobs personified the Californian dream”. “To say he was influential is an understatement. His innovations have transformed the industry, and the products he has designed and developed for the market have changed the way the world communicates. ”, he adds.

"But more importantly, his vision helped put powerful technologies, once reserved for big business or the state, in the hands of the ordinary consumer", he continues. "We are still in the early stages of the explosion of creativity and invention that this democratization of technology has made possible"he said.

Steve Jobs was a unique California visionary and it was only fitting that we mark this day (October 16, 2011) in honor of his life and achievements. It embodied the spirit of a state (California), which the whole world is looking forward to knowing what the future holds, "he concluded.

A private tribute to his memory was organized on Sunday by his wife at the California University of Stanford, in Silicon Valley (south of San Francisco), according to local media. The IT group said the event was strictly private and closed the press.

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(Source: Belga)