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Steve Jobs considered launching an iCar car

Steve Jobs considered launching an iCar car

Email exchanges evoking the idea of ​​an “iCar” were revealed in the context of the lawsuit which currently opposes Apple Samsung in the United States.

ICar DR concept

Remember, last May, Google member of the board of directors Mickey Drexler said at a New York conference that Steve Jobs' ultimate dream would have been to design an iCar, a car stamps the apple brand. This is information that is confirmed today following the revelation of documents in the context of the trial between Apple Samsung. Indeed, during the hearings which began last week, internal Apple emails were revealed by the South Korean glove.

These emails evoke the idea of ​​an iCar which should be based on a hybrid concept: a car, designed by a big brand, and a software platform, developed by Apple. It's unclear how far this idea has gone, but discussions have taken place with the company's top executives, so Phil Shiller, the vice president of marketing. According to New york timesThe American glove has considered partnering with a leading automaker, possibly Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz. Recall that in 2007, Capital magazine mentioned a possible meeting between the bosses of Apple and the two manufacturers.

A scalable product

The idea behind the iCar was to make a product that is scalable, customizable and that develops even beyond the act of purchase, through updates, thus creating additional value.

Note that Apple is not the only high-tech glove to target the automotive industry. In another register, that of automatic cars, Google is particularly active. Its hybrid cars, Toyota Prius, have thus traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers on American roads, without having to resort to a human driver.

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