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Steve Jobs biography hits the headlines in China

Steve Jobs biography hits the headlines in China

The biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs ripped off in China as soon as it went on sale this week, some bookstores even out of stock a few hours after its launch, the editor of the Chinese version announced on Tuesday.


The book soberly titled “Steve Jobs” was put on sale Monday in twenty cities of China, at the same time as in the United States and only two and a half weeks after the death of the Apple boss of cancer there. 56 years old.

“It sold extremely well. We ran the book in 30 bookstores in 21 cities and most of them were out of stock yesterday ”, AFP Kong Yan, director of marketing for CITIC Press, said.

The Apple brand is extremely popular in China, where the release of the American group’s newest product has resulted in impressive queues. In Shanghai’s largest bookstore in the east, buyers waited several hours to buy their copy 68 yuan (7.8 euros) and the 1,000 copies for sale at the opening were released at noon, the China Daily reported. MGapole bookstores such as Pkin and Canton (south) have also been very successful.

The long-awaited biography of Steve Jobs was published in the United States by Simon & Schuster. This is the result of 40 interviews that his biographer Walter Isaacson had with Steve Jobs between 2009 and 2011, the last of which was only a few weeks ago, and with a hundred of his relatives.

In the United States, the biography is already self-proclaimed as the best-selling biography of this year.

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(Source: AFP. With Belgium-iPhone)