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Steve Jobs already voiced the iPad 30 years ago

Steve Jobs already voiced the iPad 30 years ago

Nearly 30 years ago, Steve Jobs already mentioned a computer in the form of a book that could be taken anywhere and would work wirelessly. The idea for the iPad would have been three decades ago.


In 1983, during the IDCA Aspen conference, Steve Jobs was already talking about an iPad. “Apple’s strategy is simple. We want to put an incredibly good computer in a book you can take anywhere, and you can understand how to use it in twenty minutes. ” The Apple visionary was unaware at the time, however, that this dream would take nearly 30 years to materialize. Apple originally planned to release the iPad in less than 10 years. Technological evolution will have been slower than expected for the American engineering, which has evoked many other concepts of revolutionary apparatuses during its existence …

All of this allows us to learn that Steve Jobs had already planned to produce a tablet 30 years before the release of the iPad. A visionary, the young man wanted to revolutionize IT, make it accessible to everyone and, above all, make it mobile by removing all cables.

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