Steam: more than 25 million players connected simultaneously, an absolute record

Steam broke a new record this weekend. The platform has indeed registered more than 25 million simultaneous users on its service. Steam thus beats its previous record, set in December 2020.

Steam Chart January 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is a boon for some companies. This is the case with Valve. Since last March, the studio has been setting footfall records on its Steam platform. This weekend is the symbolic bar of the 25 million users that has been crossed. A good way to start 2021 for an increasingly competitive service.

On Sunday January 3, Steam recorded 25,418,674 users connected simultaneously on its platform. Of those 25 million, 7.2 million were active, playing (the rest just connected). An absolute record for Steam, which was able to count on several things to get there: the context of the end of the holiday season, the gloomy weather, the recent release of promising games like Cyberpunk 2077 and especially the epidemic of coronavirus which forces people to stay warm in their homes.

The coronavirus, a boon for Steam

For a long time, the attendance record on Steam seemed unbeatable. As of January 2018, the platform had registered 18.5 million users online, notably thanks to the success of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, this record has been broken many times since the start of the pandemic. We remember, for example, that in March, Steam had for the first time exceeded 20 million simultaneous players.The latest record was established in mid-December, with 24.8 million active users. In 2021, Steam surpassed the 25 million mark. It remains to be seen whether this record will be broken again soon.

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Steam can boast about its performance, especially since the platform is experiencing fierce competition today, especially from Epic Games. This denier has also released its arguments in recent days to attract players, including offering a free title per day during the holiday season.

But although Steam’s supremacy is contested today, Valve’s platform remain the queen in her segment and proves it again today with this new record.

Source: SteamDB