Steam dbarque in beta version on iOS

Steam dbarque in beta version on iOS

The Valve editor has just made available a beta version of its future iOS application allowing access to certain features of Steam. On the menu, social interactions and online store.

The rumor has been around for less and is now becoming official with this beta version of the Steam application made available by the editor of Counter Strike. Like the Playstation app, Valve wants to extend the experience of its platform to its users. Thus, its latest, the image of the application dedicated to the Playstation 3, will be able to access a system of social interactions and a classification according to the catalog of the user's games. But what probably led the publisher to offer this application is the fact that it also allows access to the online store. Thus, users will be able to discover some of the good plans of the moment and those to come, to embark on a possible compulsive purchase from anywhere!

Finally, in addition to iOS, this beta version of the application is also available for the Android platform.

note that once the application installs, this requires a connection from the user, who signs up for the beta program : it must then wait for Valve's approval to access the rest of the interface.

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