Steam Chat0.9

Steam Chat0.9

Improved Steam Instant Messaging

Steam ChatWhile already integrated into the Android Steam application, Steam instant messaging becomes independent within the soberly called application Steam Chat. No more basic and somewhat dismal discussions because this app offers the integration of links, animated GIF videos and emoticons.

Chat in groups

This app also offers the creation of group chats to chat with your community, plan the next raid or organize the next game night. Adding Steam friends is also simplified because it is not always easy to find a user by their nickname. The application allows you to create invitation links to copy or send by email and SMS.

The friends list is also enriched under Steam Chat with the possibility to consult detailed information on the current games of friends. Another strong point, the personalized categories saved on PC are also kept in the application.

Is it essential?

The question is simple: why make it a separate app instead of modifying the chat already integrated in the basic Steam app? Steam Chat will be essential only for group discussions and to display animated images and GIFs. Tested in version 0.9, it is still not possible to chat by voice with the application.