Steam breaks attendance record thanks to Cyberpunk 2077

Steam broke its attendance record this Sunday with almost 25 million people connected simultaneously. An impressive number which is of course to be attributed to Cyberpunk 2077, released last Thursday.


Steam has broken its attendance record! The platform has indeed recorded almost 25 million (24,805,106) players simultaneously this Sunday, December 13. A new peak that beats the one already established in March (for the start of containment) and which amounted to 23.5 million players.

This record can be attributed to two main data: the coronavirus, first of all. A new wave is indeed affecting the world and many countries are reconfiguring themselves. So people stay at home and keep busy by playing video games. The second reason for this spike is also Cyberpunk 2077 release, oh so long awaited game from CD Projekt.

The 25 million people on Steam weren’t necessarily playing Cyberpunk, obviously. They weren’t even playing at all, a lot of users being just… connected. But CD Projekt set recorded a peak of 1,054,386 players, which contributed greatly to the record and made it the most played game on Steam at this precise moment, ahead of the podium regulars CS Go and and Dota 2. A performance all the more impressive as the title is also available on the Epic Games Store as well as on GOG Galaxy. Note that the night of the launch, the game had already crashed Steam because of too many downloads.

A record launch on PC

The fact is that Cyberpunk 2077 is a hit on PC. Indeed, CD Projekt has announced that it has fulfilled more than 8 million pre-orders, including 4.72 million on computers. It thus became the title that sold the most on its launch day on this platform, surpassing the record set by World of Warcraft Shadowlands (3.7 million) the previous week.

The launch of the game on PC is therefore a real commercial success. If he still knows a large number of bugs on this platform, he is light years away from the console versions, technically struggling. The latter have also forced the Polish studio to apologize and offer an unconditional refund to those who wish.