Starship: SpaceX transforms two offshore platforms into space airports

Starship will soon have its offshore space airports. SpaceX is transforming two offshore oil platforms so that they can serve as launchers. And we already know how Elon Musk baptized them.

SpaceX Starship launcher
Credits: @thejackbeyer via Twitter

Elon Musk announced a few months ago that Starship rockets will be launched offshore on floating platforms. Of course, that might sound fanciful. After all, sometimes the entrepreneur promises a different view of what the reality will be. Yet it seems that things are moving faster than we thought.

The specialized site publishes on its Twitter account several aerial photos of two oil platforms. These are anchored in the port of Brownsville in Texas near the center of Boca Chica where the Starship rockets are designed. Both platforms are now owned by SpaceX – which begins to convert them into launchers for its rockets.

SpaceX: Starship’s first two offshore launchers are called Phobos and Deimos

This last point is confirmed by job offers which mention the “Design and construction of an offshore rocket launch platform”. Applicants for these positions must also “Be willing to work on an oil rig in Brownsville, Texas”. But that’s not all. NASASpaceFlight has indeed taken several aerial photographs of the platforms.

And it seems that SpaceX has already given them a name. These two platforms will be called Phobos and Deimos – named after two moons of Mars. What to remove, if there was any, any ambiguity about the purpose of these two huge platforms. Elon Musk has already explained why he plans to launch his rockets off the coast.

First, we must understand that Starship rockets are not only intended to transport humans to space. Elon Musk has indeed already said that a network of offshore ports would be used to connect different points on the planet with Starship to literally obliterate the duration of trips.

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Gold Starship will be the most powerful rocket ever. The power of its engines, which give off a lot of gas and noise – as well as the dangers inherent in rockets in general, make the prospect of launching them from offshore platforms particularly appealing. For now, we do not know more, but we can count on Elon Musk to make announcements soon!