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Starck confirms not to collaborate with Apple

Starck confirms not to collaborate with Apple

In an agreement interview France Info, Philippe Starck said last Friday that he was collaborating with Apple in a project surrounding the release of a revolutionary product. Following Apple's disclaimer, the French designer returns on Monday to his statements and now explains that it is rather a private project attached to the Jobs family.


After the denial of Apple, it is now around the spokesman for the most famous of French designers, Philippe Starck, to declare this Monday that the latter does not collaborate with Apple but has nevertheless “a private project” with the Jobs family, reports the Wall street journal.

“This is not a project with Apple. It’s a private project that started with Steve Jobs and now continues with his widow ”, said spokesperson Philippe Starck.

In an agreement interview France Info The French designer said on Friday that he is collaborating with Apple on a revolutionary product expected to be released in eight months. An announcement that did not fail to generate buzz. A few hours later, however, Apple denied the information. “Apple is not linked to Philippe Starck in the design of a new product”, said a spokesperson for the firm, refusing any further comments.

Subsequently, the site Cult of Mac, returned to an information published in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson according to which the famous French designer is close to the Jobs family. In fact, Philippe Starck has met Steve Jobs numerous times in recent years. Meetings whose topic of discussion was the construction of a yacht where the French designer had his role to play in the interior design of the boat.

During his interview France InfoNow his dead tongue, Starck said Now that he's dead, I'm going to see his wife, a little detail that was ultimately linked to the Jobs family yacht project, which is scheduled to be completed within eight months.

The designer's statements, however, were somewhat confusing since he spoke during his interview France Info Apple's culture of secrecy and that it could not say more about this “famous project”.

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