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Standardization of authentication by SMS

code sms autocompletion standard Standardization of authentication by SMS

Confirm his identity with an SMS. It has become fairly common. For some, it is even a guarantee of security and seriousness of the site.

A site that sends you an SMS to confirm your identity, you probably know? This can be reassuring, but restrictive when the received SMS is on the same device that is trying to connect.

However, users of Apple products have noticed that quite often the code is entered automatically. This feature, autocompletion, arrived on Safari with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, the generation just before the current one.

The Apple Webkit team offers system standardization and is supported by Google. We don’t know Mozilla’s position on this.

The goal is that the SMS all have the same syntax so that the different browsers can certainly automatically complete the received SMS. This is the problem right now, each site in its own way of writing its SMS.

Thus, all SMS should write @ followed by the address of the site and # which precedes the identification code.

745773 is your WEBSITE authentication code.

@website․com #745773


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