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Stalker "Rocky" Threatened Tim Cook's Safety

Tim Cook

Apple has issued a restraining order against a stalker who threatened the safety of CEO Tim Cook.

Tim cook

The trial started when, on September 25 and October 2, 2019, a 42-year-old man, Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma, a non-specified Apple executive telephoned to leave "disturbing" messages on the answering machine, as indicated in the documents presented by Apple in the complaint. In subsequent calls to Apple technical support, Sharma said that he knew where the members of Apple's management team live: I don't use weapons and ammunition, but I know people who do.

The situation worsened on December 4, when the stalker walked through the door and entered Tim Cook Palo Alto's private property to deliver champagne and flowers. Shortly after, the man tagged Cook in a series of tweets with “sexualized” photos that depicted Apple’s CEO in inappropriate positions.

On January 15, Sharma again entered Cook's private property, passing the door and ringing the bell directly. The police intervened shortly after, but in the meantime the intruder had already escaped. The situation was later taken up by William Burns, Apple's security chief. He has issued a restraining order against Sharma.

The court accepted the request and issued a restraining order against Sharma. The latter must keep clear of Cook and his properties, as well as Apple Park and all of Apple's headquarters, including stores. The order expires March 3, when the first hearing is scheduled.