Stadia Pro: Hotline Miami, F1 2020 and two more games offered in January 2021

Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to have fun with four new games offered in January 2021. To start the year well, what better than to calm your nerves on Hotline Miami, or to work on your trajectories on F1 2020.

hotline miami
Credit: Devolver Digital

As Sony offers for PS Plus or Microsoft subscribers with Xbox Games With Gold, Google gives its Stadia Pro subscribers a batch of free games every month. In December 2020, Stadia Pro players honed their assassin skills on the excellent Hitman 2 or sharpened their piloting on EverSpace.

Google continues its momentum and intends to start the year 2021 on the hats of wheel with four new free games for Stadia Pro subscribers. For this first batch of 2021, players will be able to get their hands on the Formula 1 simulation F1 2020. The title of Codemasters remains the absolute reference in this field and this F1 2020 is no exception to the rule: impeccable driving, the exciting Mon Écurie mode, a plethora of circuits available, the Research and Development dimension, it is a must have.

We completely change the universe with the second title, namely Miami Hotline, an ode to violence sublimated by totally crazy electro sounds. The soundtrack is a nugget and we advise you to listen to it quickly. It’s clearly not a game for everyone, but if you like chain kills in a psychedelic atmosphere, Miami Hotline is made for you.

Figment, the 3rd title of this batch, put you in charge of Dusty, which is none other than embodied courage. Indeed, in Figment, emotions come to life and materialize. It will be up to you to fight against fear, in order to restore the light of this world. Poetic and enchanting.

Let’s come to the last free game in January 2021 which is none other than Ary and the Secret of Seasons. In this platform game developed by the teams of the Fishing Cactus studio, you play as Ary, guardian of winter whose mission will be to restore the balance of the seasons of the Valdi.

As a reminder, Stadia Pro subscribers have until December 31 to pick up the following games for free: Celeste, Embr, Dead by Daylight, Risk of Rain 2, GYLT and Rock Ages 3. Anyway, Google is off to a good start this year 2021, which is likely to be rich in games on Stadia. Indeed, Google has promised the arrival of 400 games by 2023.